Tuesday 26 December 2023

Christmas 2023!

My heart is full! I am celebrating the wonderful Christmas holidays with our parents, my husband, my sister and brother-in-law. It is so great having a house full of my family!

Today is Boxing Day. We've had soooo much food over the last few days. Thank You, Lord, for your provisions! My dad made a really nice roast chicken and my sister and I really worked through making lots of dumplings! We've got some extra in the fridge for when the need arises. So much nice food that we don't normally get the time to make. I feel warm and cozy ❤️ We also went to Mass on Christmas Eve and it was beautiful. The nativity set was just lovely. Father Christopher said that if you are struggling with anything, remember the Stable. The Stable wasn't perfect, it wasn't comfortable, and it had no frills. But it was open. My understanding of this is that God provides. God is the stable. God is the only One open when all things are not. He is not the last choice but THE choice. What a wonderful Mass. I am happy we got to hear it together.

We got Oodies!

Such a cute book. I'm hoping to see the film after I finish reading it.

Giving Mommy her birthday presents at Bar Hashery in York! We had great waffles!

My mom's idea to ride the merry-go-round! All smiles!

The Shambles, York

Our beautiful home in Newcastle

Christmas lights on our window. I put the same ones up every year. Love its colours!

Husband-and-wife photo at home before we bring all our presents to Sunderland

My brother-in-law's favourite place - Jollibee!

My sister and parents getting excited for mulled wine at Newcastle Christmas markets!

What a lovely tree at Sunderland Keel Square!

Also I would like to take a moment to thank God for my job. On the last day of work before the Christmas holidays, I was busy archiving our documents and organizing them up in the plant room. My manager NM told us that if we wish to leave early, we are welcome to do so as it's Christmas. I told him I'll not leave as early as I wasn't finished up in the plant room yet. He simply blurted out, "You are the best decision I ever made at work". And I felt it. From the start he really has been the one that made me believe in ME. And my capabilities. It's a blessing to have a job. But it's a whole different level to have a manager that sees your potential and brings out the best in you when you only thought you were mediocre. Thank You, Lord, for my beautiful workplace. Thank You for letting me do what I do. Two years ago I wanted to run away from my previous work. I ended up running to the place where I am meant to be and where I am truly happy ❤️

Loaded fried at Newcastle Christmas markets
Loaded fried at Newcastle Christmas markets

Spam and salad dinner at our Newcastle home. My husband loves Spam!

Roasted hazel latte - festive drink at Costa

Pre-2023 archive documents at work

We only have a few days left in 2023. Let's make the most of it! 



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