Thursday 13 April 2017

New Go-To Restaurant

On my 26th birthday, I dined with my lovely parents at Barnett's in Sunderland! It's a new-ish place which I've never heard of until I did a quick Google search of new restaurants in the area.

We watched Beauty and the Beast (which was amazing!) at the cinema then walked about a minute to the restaurant. I love how it's one of those below-ground-level places.

The cuisine is English and the menu looked good! Upon arrival, there was no one at the floor so we just picked a table and had ourselves seated (hehe!) and then the waitress came out of the kitchen to greet us. She was the only waitress at the time so I guess it was just her and the chef. Regardless, she was so friendly and accommodating and made a good first impression of the restaurant.

We each had a three-course meal and I ordered the chicken pate for starters, pork belly with mashed potatoes and vegetables as my main, and tiramisu for dessert. I loved my meal and the parents couldn't say enough good things about their food, too. And mind you - my parents really are food critics!

The food was soooo good and I normally don't say this about English food. It's just not your bog-standard pub food. This really is the real deal - haha!

I had such a wonderful time dining there and if not for the amount of popcorn I consumed at the cinema 😀, I'm sure I would have finished everything on my plate.

Three words to describe Barnett's - delicious, affordable, perfect! The ambience was also very nice and I would love to take my boyfriend there on a date night when he comes to visit.

And I'm not just saying that because I spent my birthday there. My tummy really approves of the place!

Sunday 9 April 2017

19 Degrees in Sunny Sunderland!

The weather was soooo nice today. Really good to be home ☀

Photos taken at our beautiful Seaburn Beach! We had the usual fish and chips at Queens Cafe and nommed on ice cream by the seaside. Everyone was in a happy mood - adults and children alike. I loved seeing so many cute dogs today. And of course, the seagulls! Such a lovely day. I would've thought I was in Spain!

Monday 3 April 2017

Holding My Peace

There's one thing I did today that I'm proud of.

I held my peace.

It isn't always easy. Most of the time I choose not to do it. But this time it had been called for. I held my peace. And I regret it not one bit.

Asking for God's guidance as I make choices in life.