Thank God it's Saturday!

Putting the rough week aside. I just want to lay low and enjoy 'me time'.

Today I went to get some groceries and to stock up on green tea. Didn't go for my usual Holland and Barret ones - tried something new. I went to this tea shop in Edinburgh (I forgot the name!) which was a nice little shop of goodness. They sell loose leaf and bagged teas as well as coffee and other health foods. I loved browsing through it. I'm gonna have to come back again someday. For now I bought Ahmad London loose leaf green tea, Ahmad London black tea with fruit bits, and a quinoa bar. I spent less than £6 which was good.

I also went to see The Theory of Everything. I've wanted to see that film the first time I saw the poster for it. I'm not very familiar with Stephen Hawking's work (I remember not being good at Physics at all back in the day - haha!) but I did a presentation on motor neurone disease a few years back. The film was nice. I didn't particularly love it but it was good nonetheless. I admire Hawking. It's great to see his motivation to continue his work despite his illness.


PS. The tea shop is called Jordan Valley Wholefoods on Nicolson Street!