Friday 30 October 2015

A few words on Kris...

I've never been smitten with a celebrity until I started scrolling through Kris Aquino's IG. I mean, of course, I have seen her on the telly and in movies many times before but I guess I never really thought that much about her.

My mom and I watch snippets of Kris TV occasionally on YouTube. It was only until recently when we started watching full episodes on a daily basis. Sure she's maarte and a little too expressive at times - but one thing I can definitely see in her is that she's smart. Like, intellectual smart and not tuso smart. And all her kaartehan is most likely just her way of sharing all the beauty and colour in her life.

Have you ever noticed how she's great with numbers, how she knows quite a bit about interpreting blood test results and what's in your food, and how important she thinks it is to read for pleasure? I love how she's wonderful with her kids, too, and puts them first in everything she does. And don't get me started on how she treats her staff - I bet she's the kind of boss people love to work with. I think the best thing I've noticed about her as well is that she genuinely prays for PNoy - not only because he's her brother but also because he is holding a great responsibility in his hands. When was there ever a time in which we prayed for our President? I really was humbled when I realised I never partook in this activity and that it is good practice to join in no matter who gets elected into that role.

I've never really looked up to celebrities. I must admit I didn't think there was much substance to them but here comes Kris proving me wrong and showing me that there is much more to showbiz than I can ever imagine. I mean, they're people, too. And so brave to face the world's criticisms.

I hope she comes up with an autobiography in the future. I sure would love to read that!


Tuesday 6 October 2015

Nicest dream ever!

So last night I had a dream that Dr. Castellano (from The Mindy Project!) and I were kissing... in the shower.

Haha - I know, right? He wasn't a particularly great kisser (ha!) but I woke up feeling like it was gonna be a great day.

Thanks, Dr. C! I needed that :D