Saturday 25 February 2017


Just finished watching Season 1 Episode 5 of Riverdale. I kinda had a little crush on Juggie since the first episode - but on this recent one the butterflies in my stomach were in full bloom.

Just look at how cute his smile was when Betty expressed her approval of his suit!

Hands down to attractive guys who don't know they're just that. 💓

Friday 24 February 2017

My, My Love

Thank you, darling dear, for being my cherry on top. I was going at my own pace, minding my own business, not having a care in the world - and here you came waltzing in and making everything so much better even when I didn't ask for it to be. I wouldn't have had it any other way.

Counting down the days to when I can hold your hand. May God bless you always.


Friday 10 February 2017

Favourite Kind of Day

Absolutely love having time to snuggle in bed (or on the couch, like today!) and read. No better way to spend a work-free Friday than with my best girl Cecelia Ahern! She must be one of my favourite authors and I find it exciting every time I come across a book that she's written which I haven't read yet.

Today I'm reading The Marble Collector which is pretty recent. It is a little different from her previous books, I would say, mainly because of the not-so-decent language some of the characters use from time to time - but hey! I trust Ms. Ahern's skills and I'm sure this is one of the books I'll think about a lot even after I turn over the last page.