Thursday 5 January 2023

Day 5: January Journal Challenge

 Three moments from the holidays you want to remember.

1. Successful bao bun making! I had such a blast at my first attempt at making bao buns. They turned out soooo good! I shall be making more. Thank you, Marion's Kitchen for the recipe!

2. Yummy churros at the Christmas markets in Newcastle! My husband and I shared a cozy plate of churros while standing next to the stall near the Monument metro station. It was freeeezing cold but we thoroughly enjoyed the sweet treat.

3. I spent a lot of time at home with my parents over the Christmas holidays. In those two weeks, I only worked two days! I loved being at home and enjoying their company. It was nice being able to cook and clean for them, and also to eat their home-made food! I am truly grateful to be near my parents. I am so happy that my husband has a very good relationship with them and I can only hope that I'll get to develop a good relationship with his family too when I meet them in the future.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for all of your blessings! You are the reason for the season. Thank You for our quality time together. I have so many memories to keep in my heart.



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