Sunday 1 January 2023

Day 1: January Journal Challenge

Happy New Year! It is the year 2023 and I am so excited for new opportunities, new learnings, new experiences!

I am going to take part in the January Journal Challenge. I did say that I wanted to blog more so this challenge really came at the right time. So here it goes...

Summarise last year in one word.


For me, 2022 has been a year of continuous learning and improvement. I feel that I have been generously given a lot of opportunities to showcase my abilities at work and at the same time to still have fun doing it. For that I am so grateful. It is such a breather to be working where I am at now. I pray for a really great working year in which our team can really come together and smash our processes. I feel very blessed to be working with my team. Each one of them has something special that inspires me to do my best everyday.

In terms of my home life, I feel so blessed to be given the chance to spend lots of time with my family. Again, this would not be possible if I was still working at my previous job where I felt I never had the energy to dedicate to my family. I was so grumpy and drained before - what a change it has been since changing jobs! I am grateful for the opportunity and also to the Holy Spirit for giving me the bravery to move. We went on a couple of coach holidays which enabled us to learn and explore more about the UK. Although it's my husband who is new to this country, I feel I am seeing the UK with fresh eyes as we take him on different trips.

Oh my! Scrolling though my phone's Gallery has made me think of how much I could have blogged in 2022! Maybe I can blog retrospectively... There are a lot of photos I would like to share and trips and restaurants I would like to write about! Watch this space!

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for my beautiful family and friends. Thank You for the wonderful adventures that You guide us on. Thank You, for our health, for Your provisions, for Your bountiful blessings. Praises and glory to You always!



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