Friday 16 December 2016

Blogmas Day 9: Dainty Tea

My mom and I visited the Elephant Tea Rooms in Sunderland. The ambiance was lovely and it felt like such a wonderful place to cozy up on a winter's day. The food was okay (I had the Cumbrian ham sandwich and Mom had the Club) but it really was the tea that made this place stand out. Chilli Truffle and Cherry Beetroot tea, anyone? 🍵 And, oh, the sandwiches came with yummy vegetable crisps on the side which I really enjoyed!

I think they were short-staffed as the service was a little slow and it took a while for us to be seated and get our drinks. But two thumbs up to the lady who I can only assume was their supervisor for making sure everything was topnotch for us!
Perhaps one tip I could give to anyone who hasn't been there yet is to get a table reserved beforehand as the place can get really packed especially at lunch times. I haven't tried any of their cakes or pastries but if I get a chance to come back, I'll definitely dig into those!

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