Monday 13 July 2015

My Parcel has Arrived!

Hands up - those who hate the feeling of missing a delivery.

Of course everyone hates the feeling of missing a delivery.

Hands up - those who know something will be delivered today but cannot do anything about it as they are cooped up in a windowless office, miles away from location of delivery.

That is me. Two hands up in the air.

Haha! I'm exaggerating a little bit. It really wasn't that bad. I'm just glad the courier guy finally gave up on re-attempting to deliver my parcel each day so he just left the box on my doorstep for me to pick up when I get home. Problem solved.

I have been pretty excited for this parcel to arrive. It contains my very first order from Ringtons Tea! The other day I decided to treat myself to £20 worth of tea. I couldn't pass up free delivery from Ringtons so I went with this company. The main reason, though, for why I chose to buy from them is because I've already had their Birds of Paradise tea and it has quickly become one of my favourites. I had it when I was at Cafe No. 95 in Newcastle. Food was excellent but it really was the tea that did it for me :) A cup (well, two actually - it was served in a big infuser which pretty much gave two cups) costs less than £3. That's quite profitable as my 50g Birds of Paradise order from Ringtons was about £6, if I remember correctly. Anyway, I'm happy I can now re-live that moment of fruity green tea bliss in the comfort of my own home. Aahhh...

I actually haven't opened my BoP yet. I went straight for the Green Tea with Jasmine as I was feeling up for a basic green tea. I really like Heath & Heather's Green Tea and Jasmine which come in teabags but the Ringtons one is much more flavourful. The best green teas I have ever tried in my life are from... *drumrolls please* Nudo! Yes, the sushi restaurant. If I'm not mistaken their teas are legit Japanese ones. I really miss working there. I could just bathe myself in free high quality green tea all day.

I think I'm straying away from the point. Anyway, I look forward to trying each and every tea I ordered from Ringtons - I bought 5 different ones! Yay!


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