Sunday 3 July 2022

Lovely Sunday in Sunderland

Aaaah, our week long annual leave has finally come!

We are spending the weekend at my parents' in Sunderland prior to going on a lovely coach holiday with them this week. I'm so excited!

Today we attended Mass at St. Mary's RC church. So many cute children there today! It's so nice to see some of the kids all grown up. A nice reminder that I am definitely aging.

We gathered a few essentials for our trip then had a nice stop at Hotel Chocolat in The Bridges Shopping Centre to try out their drinks. Dad had the dark chilli hot chocolate and hubby got the iced coffee shake. I am a creature of habit and opted for the tea - mine was the chai, chilli and cacao tea. Delicious!

We walked home through the nice park at the University of Sunderland and it was lovely just being by the flower gardens. I would love to do up our garden like this someday. My husband took some nice photos and I'm happy at how they turned out.

The sun hat I was wearing is from Solbari. I love it! Been wearing it a lot since I got it. Hopefully it'll stand the winds during our holiday but if not I'll just wear the strap that it comes with. Better to be protected!

I also finished re-reading the first book of the Noodle Shop cozy mystery series, Death by Dumpling by Vivien Chien. It's such an enjoyable cozy. I had to re-read it because I bought the next book which is Dim Sum of All Fears and I didn't want to go into it without any recollection of the first book which I read aaaaages ago in 2019. Hope I enjoy the second book, too! So looking forward to reading more this week during our holiday.

I keep on saying holiday. Isn't it obvious I'm so excited? Happy to be spending more time with family. We are very blessed!



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