Monday 25 June 2018

The Prayer Feed

There is a Christian app I have discovered a few months ago via Papemelroti. It is called One Touch - and that is exactly what it is. A one touch means of getting closer to God. In this day and age of completing tasks with a single click, how great it is to have an app that helps you to pray on the go, too!

For many Christians, including myself, prayer doesn't come easy. I find myself falling in and out of prayer - sometimes I feel that I'm in too deep in my faith that I cry upon hearing the first few notes from the church organ. Sometimes I feel too far out from my faith that I have this cocky confidence that I can fix things all by myself. God must be chuckling at how my 27-year-old self has the mindset of a 16-year-old know-it-all!

There is a nice feature in the app where you can submit prayer requests and read up on other people's prayers and help them pray for their intentions. You can also join them in thanksgiving for the good that has happened in their lives. I was scrolling through the prayers today and found it lovely that people are praying not just for themselves but also for others. How great it is to have friends who pray for you! Who are concerned of your welfare that they would like to bring it to the Lord. It's kind of nice to imagine our God scrolling through this feed, 'Liking' each of the posts or reacting with hearts or sending a reply. I wonder how he manages to get through all of it - there is simply a lot of praises and prayers going up every second. And then I come to think about all these people who pray for others. I think they are God's humble assistants who help Him provide for a request or give an answer to someone in doubt. I think we are all God's assistants and we have this duty to pray for our friends, to make sure that they don't disappear from God's priority or To Do List and to help Him keep them on tab. Although God is a one-man band, surely he appreciates audience participation?

Thank You, God, for everything. For giving us courage even in the mere act of sending a prayer Your way. You are my friend and I pray You will call me one of Yours. Thank You for the struggles that You help me to overcome each and everyday. Thank You for guiding our steps, for lighting our way. The world is not perfect and neither are we. But Your grace keeps us sane. I love You dearly.

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