Friday 20 January 2017

Barely There Glasses

It has been over two years since I got my previous glasses and now it's time for an update! I decided to go for rimless ones this time around and I'm so happy with how they turned out.

I've been browsing different optical shops for a while now and nothing really caught my fancy or were way above my budget. When I went home to Sunderland, I popped round to the local Specsavers and to my dismay there wasn't really anything that I felt was suitable for my petite face. However, one of their staff was very helpful (Hi, Nicola!) and she told me that the lenses can actually be made smaller (both height and width as required) and I simply needed to choose the frames (or rather the handles) that I wanted. Also, as I live in Birmingham, they could get it posted to their branch here when it's ready.

So, ta-dah!

I absolutely love my new glasses. They come with the thin and light lenses and I paid no more than £130 for them. I think it's a very good deal considering that I had the lenses customised to fit the width of my face better. They look and feel as if I have nothing on (although viewing it from the side, the lenses can still look thicker than normal as I do have quite a high prescription).

Hoping my new glasses will last me another two years! Here's to seeing our beautiful world even more clearly! ❤

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