Wednesday 17 August 2016


Around a year has passed since my first heartbreak. And today I can honestly say, "Thank You, Lord".

My ex-boyfriend and I are in good terms - don't get me wrong. I am extremely grateful that we have connected again. I feel nothing but love and respect for him and I know I will never want that to go away. But of course, being apart from him has let me see true happiness. Cliche as it may sound, it's the one that comes from within.

Fast forward a year - where am I in life now? I smile as I type this because my heart is simply content. I am enjoying my job in the lab, I live in a cool new place, my family is well and I have welcomed someone new. New? I laugh at the irony. I have welcomed someone back into my life - I think that is more appropriate. To one of my childhood friends, one I have shared a classroom with for most of our kiddie years - hello. You've turned on the switch in my heart and lit me right up :)

I have my parents' blessing on this one which is why I want to give it my best.

Hey CAD,
You are such a beautiful person and I wish you the very best. You've got a big hurdle coming up and I hope and pray that you'll make it because that is what you deserve. I can see the passion that you put into your work and I know you want this badly. May God grant you your desires. I can also see the love that you share with your family and friends. It's inspiring. You are a good soul, love. I pray we'll get to know each other better and see the beauty in each others' hearts. I know it's early days. Let's be kind to one another from here and always.


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